NDB Wealth offers financial stability for Mother’s Day

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“Securing the future of your family is very critical at this time and age and that is exactly what we focus on through the NDB Wealth plans.

Every mother aspires and dreams to safeguard the future of her family. In the face of the current challenges and uncertainties, it has become a more urgent and critical need. At NDB Wealth we understand the efforts and dreams of mothers and aim to help them realize their aspirations. Take that first step towards financial growth and our team of experts will help make your dreams a reality. Our portfolio of flexible Wealth plans will serve you in planning for your future,” said Amali Pathirana, Manager of Investment Operations at NDB Wealth.

NDB Wealth’s Money Plus is one of the best way to provide for those you love. The account is exclusively dedicated to keep your savings growing while realizing you and your family’s dreams and aspirations.

The Money Plus Fund is designed to fulfil your dreams and efforts of providing your family with a bright and promising tomorrow while functioning like a savings account. NDB Wealth Money Plus with a current yield of 5.50% as at April 29, is a great alternative to savings that provides flexibility of being able to withdraw money, to meet any emergency, while earning attractive returns.

The Growth and Income Fund, a share market fund is the ideal account for bold mothers who are moderately inclined towards risks. The fund allows investors to take calculated risks and gives returns from both the Stock and Bond markets. The income generated from stocks as dividends and interest from the Bonds and Capital gains can be withdrawn anytime without a penalty.

“At NDB Wealth Management, we offer mothers financial independence through high yielding investment plans that are more flexible and rewarding than other conventional methods. Talk to our team of experts and discover the joy you can enjoy through financial independence,” elaborated Amali.

NDB Wealth is fully owned subsidiary of the NDB Bank, one of the fastest growing financial services conglomerates in Sri Lanka, with the strategic mission to be the leader in the financial services sector.