Van Lanschot Kempen Wealth Management N.V.: Van Lanschot Kempen appoints Maarten Edixhoven as Chairman of the Management Board

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‘s-Hertogenbosch/Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 11 May 2021

Van Lanschot Kempen’s Supervisory Board intends to appoint Maarten Edixhoven (50) as Chairman of the Management Board of Van Lanschot Kempen. The regulators have approved the appointment and the Van Lanschot Kempen Works Council has issued positive advice on the appointment.

Shareholders will be informed of the intended appointment of Maarten Edixhoven during an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders to be held in the autumn.

Maarten Edixhoven will succeed Karl Guha, who announced that he is to step down as Chairman and as member of the Management Board early in January of this year. Maarten will be appointed on 1 October 2021 as Chairman and member of the Management Board.

Statement by Frans Blom, Chairman of the Supervisory Board: “The Supervisory Board of Van Lanschot Kempen is very pleased with the prospect of Maarten Edixhoven as the new Chairman of the Management Board. He is an excellent director with extensive experience in the financial sector and a team player with an inspiring personality. We are very confident that under Maarten’s leadership we can continue to build on the growth and development of Van Lanschot Kempen as a leading independent wealth manager.

“This also means that at the end of this year we will say goodbye to our current Chairman, Karl Guha. Karl is a committed director, a banker par excellence with a clear vision. Under his leadership, Van Lanschot Kempen has transformed from a small general bank into a leading independent integrated wealth manager. The results and growth are self-explanatory, but so too is the engagement within the organisation, and the very high level of entrepreneurship and commitment of our people. We will miss Karl as a director, as a colleague, but above all as a very special person, and we are grateful to him for leading Van Lanschot Kempen’s transformation.”

Statement byMaarten Edixhoven: “Van Lanschot Kempen is a wonderful house with a remarkable history and an excellent reputation among its clients. Under Karl’s leadership it has developed into a successful integrated wealth manager with a clear client focused growth strategy, that we certainly want to further develop. Together with my new colleagues, I will work to further develop important themes such as sustainability and new technology in business operations and services. I’m very grateful to Karl for staying at the helm until 1 October and for being available for handover and advice until the end of the year. I’m really looking forward to starting in my new role as chairman and to meeting clients and colleagues.”

Maarten Edixhoven’s most recent roles have been as CEO of Aegon Nederland and as a member of the Managing Board of Aegon NV and before that he was CEO of Zwitserleven. Furthermore, he is a member of the board of VNO NCW (for further details see curriculum vitae and photo at

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