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Wealth management platform Hargreaves Lansdown selects Stripe

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Hargreaves Lansdown, a UK-based digital wealth management platform, has selected Stripe as its primary payments partner.

Hargreaves Lansdown will use a range of Stripe products including Stripe Payments, Stripe Radar and Stripe Connect, to deliver payments to its users. As primary payments partner for Hargreaves Lansdown, Stripe will power tens of billions of pounds annually for the platform’s savers and investors.

Selecting Stripe is a key step in Hargreaves Lansdown’s evolution into a cloud-native business, with 98% of all Hargreaves Lansdown transactions from its 1.6 million users now taking place online, according to the official press release. By building on Stripe, Hargreaves Lansdown will enable savers and investors to deposit funds, in time using a wide range of payment methods.