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401k to Roth IRA conversion

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A little backstory, I’ve been at my current job for a year so I’m eligible for a 401k with a match now. I don’t plan to be here more than 6 more months or so but they’re offering a 4% match in the meantime. I’ve never had an account as it’s pretty rare in my line of work. I do max my Roth every year and like the idea of tax free withdrawals in retirement. Other than that, I’ve been Dave Ramseyish and prioritizing my high interest student loans over retirement savings.

I do have 50k+ cash in the bank that I’m holding on to until the government resumes interest payments

Everywhere I’ve read said always take the match as it’s a 4% raise, but how difficult is it to add the money(probably 10k or so) to my Roth in 6 months? Is it as simple as just paying my tax bracket on the total convension when I file taxes next year? Would it screw with my back door contribution this or next year (already done this year)?

Thanks for any help. Hope this makes sense