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First Western Trust’s new Avon office welcomes independent-minded entrepreneurs for personalized banking and wealth management services

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First Western Trust believes that every client’s situation and needs are as unique as they are – each client deserves solutions and an attention to detail that meets their needs and helps them succeed. (Getty Images)

A new generation of entrepreneurs and coastal transplants, who are often focused on creating the next big thing, want highly-personalized banking, planning, and investment services – and a local private bank has recently opened a new location to meet their needs.

First Western Trust recently moved to a new location in Avon’s Seasons Building, which offers an intimate and attractive atmosphere to welcome new clients and provides a personalized approach to private and commercial banking, wealth planning, trust and investment management services.

Michael Glass, Market President at First Western’s Vail Valley office, said First Western’s new office comes at an important juncture in Eagle County’s post-Covid business climate.

“We offer a unique combination of sophisticated services and a team of local experts, and that allows us to help entrepreneurs and business owners, who generate significant value and wealth within our community through their work,” Glass said.

Glass, a banking veteran and valley native since 1999, said that First Western occupies an interesting niche in the financial services sector – serving as a private bank built on a trust platform that offers tailored solutions to meet each client’s unique goals.

Tailored services for innovative-thinkers
First Western believes that every client’s situation and needs are as unique as they are – each client deserves solutions and an attention to detail that meets their needs and helps them succeed. The bank’s solutions include a suite of lending, depository, and other services designed for private banking and commercial needs. Their insurance and mortgage services, as an example, have provided a valuable resource for their clients during the valley’s unprecedented real estate boom. In addition, First Western’s solutions and team of experts in wealth planning, investment management, trust and estate services.

Commercial banking services also include treasury management and retirement planning services for the businesses they serve.

Michael Glass, market president at First Western Trust’s Vail Valley office in Avon. (Photo Courtesy of First Western Trust)

“We offer services for clients who are seeking to grow and expand their businesses, as well as solutions and planning help for clients seeking to transition their business or move towards retirement,” Glass explained.

First Western incorporates a holistic view into their approach to wealth management – which they refer to as ConnectView – a view which considers all aspects of their clients’ financial, relational, experiential, and legacy wealth, and which enables clients to develop a complete plan to grow and manage their wealth for generations to come. Considering the many moving parts of wealth, which often evolve over time, the ConnectView approach provides a valuable perspective and framework to help develop a wealth plan that provides clients with peace of mind.

Wealth Management for Westerners
First Western Trust began in 2002, when Chairman and CEO Scott Wylie, an entrepreneur and banker, led a group of Western business leaders to create an organization that provides individuals with high levels of sophistication and personalized boutique service. Based in Colorado, First Western operates 10 branches in Colorado, along with locations in Arizona, Wyoming and California.

Relationships are key, Glass said, and First Western strives to cultivate thoughtful and personal connections with each client. That means a more personalized approach, creating enduring relationships with clients on a first-name basis, always delivering a high level of service and care.

“Offering boutique-style financial services to Western-based clients enables them to connect their goals, dreams, and aspirations for their families and business over the long term,” Glass said.

For First Western, community relationships are fundamental. Since its inception, First Western has invested nearly $20 million into local community projects, including charitable donations, development loans and assistance to affordable housing developments. Partnering with and supporting local communities is more than an obligation for First Western, it is part of who they are as an organization.