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How Trump’s team struggled to tell him no, enabled election falsehoods

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Michael C. Bender:

Yes, I mean, that’s where it comes back to, is — you’re right, Judy — is, he wants to be the center of attention about what we’re — what people are talking about, about the subject of the headlines, right?

And one of the things I try to do in the book here is show how Trump’s priority from day one was to win reelection. And very few people around him shared that priority. They all had their different reasons for wanting to be around Trump, mostly their own personal reasons.

But Trump is going to — he has to wait to see what happens in 2022, because, right now, the Republican Party has a choice. Are they or are they not going to try to redefine themselves post-Trump? And how they answer that question will inform what Trump decides in 2024.

And I think what this book does is provide new information and a new set of data points that shows that Republicans, when they make this decision, are doing it with their eyes wide open. They know who this president is and, after reading this book, what kind of political candidate he is.