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Prysmian Group Investing in North America Plant to Support Broadband & 5G

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Prysmian Group, world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry, announced that it is investing $85 million in major equipment and technology upgrades at plants in North America, enabling the company to meet growing production needs for telecom customers.

Most of these investments and upgrades will take place at the Prysmian Group Claremont, N.C. facility to expand production of optical products. Additionally, the Claremont facility is expected to grow to 620 employees in the next 18 months, adding up to 70 new jobs.


With a strong legacy in manufacturing optical fiber and cable for a broad range of applications, the Group has four telecom production sites in the United States. In particular, the Claremont R&D center is the only one of its kind, co-located in a joint optical fiber and optical fiber cable manufacturing facility. 

Products that make Claremont unique as a facility are for example FlexTube and ezMicroduct cables, with exceptional fiber density designs enabled by bend-insensitive fibers, for which Prysmian Group is the industry leader. Thanks to this, the Telecom BU in North America, led by VP Pat Jacobi, supports the growth of major telecoms carriers in the Country, thus continuing its tradition as global leader in technology development for new, reliable and efficient broadband networks, providing valuable new capacity and options for telecom network operators.

Andrea Pirondini, Chief Executive Officer of Prysmian Group North America
The U.S. Rural Digital Opportunity Fund and the Canadian Universal Broadband Fund will also help build local economies and provide access to healthcare services and education opportunities. 

Philippe Vanhille, EVP Telecom BU of Prysmian Group
These critical infrastructures must be based on a high quality and designed to provide high performance over time so as to be ready for the services of the future like 5G, smart cities, smart transportation, smart homes.