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Get up to Rs 1 crore on retirement by investing Rs 50 per day – Know how

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The correct type of investment is key to earn more money as time gradually passes. Everyone wants to be a millionaire when they grow old and we have the right kind of investment for you to fulfill your dream. Now, you must be thinking that in order to become a millionaire one has to invest in large amount but that’s not true, you only have to invest Rs 50 per day.

First things first, start early investment and second, keep investing with patience for a long period of time. Well, Warren Buffet is the biggest example of early investment. He started at the age of 11 and look at him now.

The easiest way to invest your money is to invest in a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in Mutual Funds. You will understand it better and it yields guaranteed results. 

Now, if you are currently 25 years, you have started investing it in mutual funds through SIP by saving Rs 50 a day, and by the time you turn 60 years you will become a millionaire. And that 35 years of your life just investing Rs 50 on a daily basis which is almost nothing. 

– Rs 50 per day means 50X30 = Rs 1500 per month.

Mutual funds are safe to invest in because they provide an average return of 12-15 per cent and if you are investing for a period of 35 years then your interest comes down to 12.5 per cent. 


-SIP Amount 1500/month

-Estimated Return 12.5%

-Investment period 35 years

-Total investment Rs 6.3 lakh

-Net Value Rs 1.1 crore

But what if you start investing at the age of 30? Then your tenure will turn into 30 years with an investment of Rs 50 on a daily basis. 


-SIP Amount 1500/month

-Estimated Return 12.5%

-Investment period 30 years

-Total investment Rs 5.4 lakh

-Total value Rs 59.2 lakh

If you start late just by 5 years, you suffer a loss of Rs 40 lakhs. It is clear that if you invest at the age of 30, the retirement age means Rs 59.2 lakh in 60 years while at the age of 25, the same amount is Rs 1.1 crore. 

If you want to become a millionaire in 30 years, then you have to save Rs 106 daily, that is, you will have to invest Rs 3200 per month. Then you will be able to earn Rs 1.1 crore after 30 years.