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Expert: Missing Ballots In Three States Far Exceed Biden’s Victory Margin Against Trump

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A former commissioner of the Federal Election Commission has revealed on Wednesday that the missing ballots in the three states of Arizona, Nevada, and Wisconsin far exceed President Joe Biden’s victory margin against former President Donald Trump.

Breitbart reported that former FEC Commisioner Hans von Spakovsky disclosed during his guesting at the Breitbart News Daily program of SiriusXM Patriot, a live streaming radio on “comprehensive conservative viewpoints,” that recorded “missing or undeliverable” ballots during the 2020 presidential elections was wider than the margin of Biden’s victory for the three states.

Spakovsky cited the 82,000 “missing or undeliverable” ballots recorded for Wisconsin exceeded the 20,000 votes for Biden’s margin of victory.

“Remember the margin of victory in Wisconsin was only 20,000 votes, and that basically 82,000 ballots were either lost or undeliverable or were rejected. That’s four times the margin of victory,” Spakovsky told Breitbart News Daily Host Alex Marlow.

“Those are the numbers that the Wisconsin Election Commission itself reported to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission,” he pointed out.

Hans von Spakovsky, former commissioner of the Federal Election Commission. (The Heritage Foundation)

Last week, the Public Interest Legal Foundation released the results of its research on the data of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission that highlighted 82,766 ballots out of the total 1.4 million mail-in ballots were undeliverable or “suffered an unknown fate”. The 82,766 ballots comprise 76,308 “unknown” and 6,458 “undeliverable” ballots that do not include 2,981 “rejected” ballots.

Accordingly, the said undeliverable ballots was four times more than the lead of Biden over Trump. Biden’s win over Trump in Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin is said to be more or less 0.6%.

Spakovsky, who was the former U.S. Department of Justice Counsel to the Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights, have been known as an elections expert even before former President George Bush appointed him to the post of FEC Commissioner in 2006. He has provided advise on election and voting issues such as for the Help America Vote Act of 2002.

He currently is the Senior Legal Fellow of The Heritage Foundation, a Washington D.C.-based organization set to “formulate and promote conservative public policies” anchored on American traditional values, among others.

During his Breitbart News Daily guesting, Spakovsky discussed the details of the Public Interest Legal Foundation “unaccounted-for ballots.” He said the 76,308 “unknown” mail-in ballots can not be accounted for by the Wisconsin authorities since it may indicate that the ballot mailed out was not returned by the voter either because they never reached the voter due to being lost or stolen.

“They don’t know what happened to them. In other words, voters requested an absentee ballot, or (Wisconsin officials) simply decided–in some places in Wisconsin–to simply mail out absentee ballots to everybody, and the ballot never came back, so it’s unaccounted for. These are the official numbers of the election commission (in Wisconsin), and we don’t know what happened to them. We don’t know if (the ballots) got lost (or) if they were stolen and somebody didn’t get to vote,” Spakovsky explained.

“(The Wisconsin Election Commission) said 6,500 absentee ballots they mailed out were sent back by the postal service as ‘undeliverable’ (and) 3,000 ballots that came back were rejected. They don’t say why, but usually (a ballot is rejected) because, for example, the signature doesn’t match, indicating it may have been a fraudulent ballot,” he added.

Spakovsky disclosed that the incident is not isolated to Wisconsin and cited Biden’s margin of victory for Arizona, which is “a little over 10,000 votes” and smaller than what the Maricopa County admitted for its “110,000 mail-in or absentee ballots” sent to “the wrong address.”

He also mentioned Nevada’s 93,000 “unaccounted for” mail-in ballots in Clark County, which were “mailed out” but “never came back” as compared to Biden’s margin of victory for the state, which is a little over 33,000 ballots.

“We don’t know what happened to them,” Spakovsky remarked, “There are literally tens of thousands of ballots out there floating around, and we don’t know what happened to them.”

Early this week, The Heritage Foundation called on conservatives to a new mission: saving America from Biden. The new mission comes as an aftermath of Biden’s decision on Afghanistan which has gravely affected the country’s international credibility, and out of the Administration’s downward effect on the economy, among other reasons.