Bridges Trust has made investing for clients successful in part by investing in its employees.

With roots tracing back to 1945, the company has long placed a focus on ensuring employees feel engaged and rewarded for the value they bring to the firm. Bridges Trust executives have strived to create a culture of forward-thinking and transparent leadership built by responsibly entrusting teams and individuals with the empowerment to make decisions of big impact.

Investing in employees through a healthy workplace culture builds trust and confidence while clearly defining the expectations of each other building purpose and unlocking potential, leaders say.

“Bridges Trust is built on a foundation of serving others through excellence in investment management,” said Ted Bridges, CEO and chief investment officer of Bridges Trust. “Our company seeks to attract, retain and develop exceptionally talented people who can grow as they serve our clients and the community. I believe that the positivity of our people and the energy and opportunities that abound in our work environment make the firm a great place for people to grow their careers.”

Bridges Trust handles financial planning, asset management, trust funds and wealth management for high net worth, multigenerational families, institutions and other clients. The firm’s solution-driven financial services are customized to best suite clients, their portfolios and their ambitions. Client relationships, like employee relationships, are built on trust. The company’s philosophy is based on, along with trust, service, excellence and integrity.