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Just like Trump? Brazil's Bolsonaro targets Congress, Supreme Court

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Issued on: 07/09/2021 – 20:03

Is Brazil’s president really reaching for the Trump playbook? On Independence Day, Jair Bolsonaro in the capital to lead a rally against Congress and the Supreme Court in critics warned could be his January 6th moment. Same as during the storming of the US Capitol by Trump supporters, Bolsonaro claims the system’s rigged with corruption probes against the current administration gaining steam.


 Trump may be out of his office but he is still the model for Brazil’s far right leader. We get the latest from Brasilia and the economic capital Sao Paulo where Bolsonaro’s due in the afternoon for another march. Sao Paulo the stronghold of another populist, Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva, the leftist former president who is now out of jail and ahead in the polls. Lula’s supporters were told to steer clear of Bolsonaro rallies not to offer an excuse to suspend rule of law. 

Could Brazil’s far-right leader – himself a former army captain – really try some form of power grab? More broadly, how’s the world’s third largest democracy holding up in these times of Covid and populism?

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