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Vanguard Merging Retirement Funds, Cutting Fees, Adding a New Option

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In addition to the retirement funds’ merger, Vanguard is lowering the minimum investment for the Vanguard Target Trust II program from $250 million to $100 million, allowing more plan sponsors and employees to access lower-cost target date options. It is also launching a new retirement income solution for each Target Retirement Trust program designed for investors in retirement.

The new Vanguard Target Retirement Income and Growth Trust has a 50% equity allocation, which can help participants who, because of their wealth, risk tolerance and/or additional sources of income, maintain higher discretionary spending in retirement, according to Vanguard.

The new trust is designed to be an opt-in alternative to the 30% equity allocation of the Vanguard Target Retirement Income Trust. As trust participants approach age 65, they will be provided tools and guidance to determine which trust option best fits their needs.

Taken together, these changes to Vanguard Target Retirement Funds can help more participants remain in their 401(k) plan upon retirement and continue to benefit from its institutional pricing and fiduciary oversight.

“Our new retirement income offer underscores our deep partnership with sponsors, who are increasingly seeking additional tools to guide their participants’ financial well-being into and beyond retirement,” said John James, managing director and head of the Vanguard Institutional Investor Group, in a statement.