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Donald Trump discusses the U.S. debt ceiling

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Donald Trump discusses the U.S. debt ceiling: ‘We’re in trouble no matter what.’

Video Transcript

DONALD TRUMP: I think we’re in trouble no matter what. If you raise it, that’s not a good thing because the bill is so bad, the $3.5 trillion. And if you don’t raise it, it’s a bad situation to be in. The bottom line is the $3.5 trillion plus $1.2 trillion plus other things that we had to do for COVID, they’re talking about historic numbers and I just don’t know if this economy can take it. And I think they’re changing the norm of the country by doing it.

ADAM SHAPIRO: $3.5 trillion, that reconciliation bill that the Democrats are debating amongst themselves about how they get that through, that doesn’t deal with the debt ceiling. The debt ceiling covers the debt that administrations, Republican and Democratic, all accrued over the last several decades. So why wouldn’t we want to make good on it?

DONALD TRUMP: This will add to it, Adam. But this will add to it.


DONALD TRUMP: And it all adds to it, whether it’s immediately or into the future, a tremendous borrowing. There is no way that they can take this net neutral. It’s not net neutral. It’s just the opposite.