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As Biden Plunges In Polls, Trump’s Popularity Rises

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  • The president’s latest approval rating went down from his peak rating of 50% earlier this year
  • Trump, on the other hand, saw his approval rating for a possible 2024 presidential run at 44%
  • An earlier analysis of various polls showed Biden’s approval rating at 44.1%

President Joe Biden’s popularity among Americans continues to go on a downward trend as a new poll revealed that only 38% of the respondents approved of his job as president. Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump, on the other hand, has seen his popularity rise over the past weeks.

In a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday, Biden’s approval rating dropped to 38% compared to his approval rating of 42% only three weeks ago in an earlier Quinnipiac poll. The president’s latest approval rating went down from his peak rating of 50% earlier this year. The new rating was also the lowest rating since he took office.

The Quinnipiac poll noted that Biden’s negative scores were driven by a 48% approval rating given by respondents on the matter of the current administration’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. The chaotic exit of American troops from Afghanistan and the Democratic division over his legislative agenda has also affected Biden’s approval ratings.

Only 39% of respondents approved of the administration’s handling of the economy, and 25% approved of Biden’s management of immigration-related issues. 

In particular, Biden’s popularity among Independents and Republicans took the biggest hit, with only four percent of Republican respondents approving of his job as president.

As Biden’s popularity plunges, Trump is seeing improvements in his popularity ratings. A Wednesday survey by Pew Research Center revealed that 44% of Republican and Republican-leaning Independents said they would like to see him join the presidential race again. In the same group of respondents, 67% said “they would like to see Trump continue to be a major political figure for many years to come.”

The said poll comes a few weeks after a Des Moines Register-Mediacom Iowa Poll revealed that 53% of Iowans approve of Trump as the business mogul teased of a potential presidential run comeback in 2024.

Despite Biden’s plunging popularity among Americans, a recent analysis of various polls by FiveThirtyEight showed that the approval rating for the current president was at 44.1%.

On the other hand, an August poll revealed that only 25% of Americans approved of Biden. At that time, the U.S. was scrambling to withdraw its military forces from Afghanistan. 

Joe Biden has hit out at Republicans for blocking Democrat moves to raise the debt ceiling, which has fanned fears of a US default this month Photo: AFP / Nicholas Kamm