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Best investment platform not named Vanguard.

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I think Charles Swab is also listed as a good provider on here? Do they have free trading of OTC?

For now, but there was a notice included with my statement last month about fee changes and it said they were charging $6.95 for OTC trades starting December 6.

I only use Schwab for OTC. Switched to them from Fidelity because Fidelity wouldn’t let me YOLO into non-current OTC plays. But with the new SEC rules that went into effect in September, can’t buy non-current stocks anywhere now. So I may switch back to Fidelity if they remain commission free after Schwab implements fees.

Wish Webull would offer OTC trading because their app and interface is by far my favorite. I use it for my main account. Only knock I have on them is I wish they’d offer the option to choose which lot to sell from if selling part of a position instead of always being FIFO