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Don’t discount Trump support among GOP

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Too many clueless Republicans are trying to take Donald Trump’s voters away from Republican candidates. Yet Trump is still very popular for two reasons.

First, he stood up to Democrats, liberals and the liberal media, and establishment Republicans. Second, he lowered taxes, downsized the government, secured our borders, rebuilt the military, supported our veterans, police officers and other law-enforcement agencies, obtained peace agreements between Israel and Arab countries, lowered carbon output and stood firm against China, Iran, Russia and North Korea.

Trump’s actions against Syria and the Islamic State saved many Muslim and Christian lives. Trump was also a strong defender of the Second Amendment and personal and religious freedoms. He was, in fact, a president for all the people with his great economic achievements.

Republican leaders need to unite Republican supporters to reverse Biden’s attacks on our citizens. The current president, with his inane energy, open borders and priorities for illegal immigrants are harming all of our citizens.

A majority of Republicans are Trump supporters and their votes are needed. Unfortunately too many of them lack common sense, and unless checked will continue to defy the will of the majority of Republican members of Congress and our citizens.


Centerville, Mass.

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