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CrusaderSterling Pension Offers Non-Interest Fund To RSA Holders

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CrusaderSterling Pensions has launched its non-interest fund VI to its Retirement Savings Account (RSA) holders across the country.

This is in line with the multi-fund investment structure of the pensions industry, stressing that the objective was to provide wider investment portfolio choices to RSA holders and retirees.

According to the managing director, Mr. Adeniyi Falade, “the non-interest pension fund, which is known as Fund VI, fully complies with the provisions of Islamic commercial jurisprudence and other established non-interest principles, where assets are only to be invested in instruments that are free from speculation and uncertainty that could lead to destruction or loss.

A statement from the PFA made available to LEADERSHIP yesterday, said non-interest pension fund is not simply just an interest free system but a universal system that operates in developed and emerging markets and takes into account cultural and regional differences.


The required investment strategy and back- end operations, according to the firm, have been robustly established to ensure seamless operation of the Fund by CrusaderSterling Pensions Limited.

The fund launch signposts the determination of CrusaderSterling Pensions to drive greater financial inclusion and pension enrollment by providing services to an under-served sector of the economy and also re-position it as a one-stop shop for pension solution in Nigeria.