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These Are Dallas-Fort Worth’s Top Wealth Managers for 2021

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How We Did It: We asked every wealth management firm and team in the Dallas-Fort Worth chapter of the Financial Planning Association, the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute, and the Investments & Wealth Institute to tell us about their practices. The final list was selected based on these criteria: top firms or teams must have total assets under management for individual clients of at least $100 million; average assets under management per client of at least $1 million; a 95 percent client retention rate over the last two years; and no current disciplinary actions. Additionally, all firms (or teams, should the team apply as an entity separate from its parent company) must have been in existence for at least five years as of the application deadline (June 7, 2021). They must also hold themselves out as fiduciaries for their clients and provide them with a written disclosure. A panel of esteemed local wealth managers reviewed the final list. All numbers are current as of the application deadline. Out of the 58 that applied, 36 firms and teams were selected.