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Complete Wealth Management on DeFi Is Here: Introducing WeU

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WeU helps the public with managing all of their digital investments by leveraging decentralization and providing democratic finance

Tallinn, Estonia–(Newsfile Corp. – November 16, 2021) – Wealth Universe (WeU) is a digital wealth management platform designed to give users complete control over their digital assets, and unlock the power of DeFi. Using blockchain technologies at its core, WeU gives people the chance to take a journey of wealth creation in the digital sphere quickly and easily.

Figure 1: Complete Wealth Management on DeFi is Here: Introducing WeU

DeFi – Opening Up the Doors to Financial Freedom

Digital assets have opened up the gates to financial benefit and their meteoric rise in value is no secret. – However, the problem today is that most platforms are centralized and as such, they have inherent security and custodial risks. – For example, QuadrigaCX’s CEO passed in 2019 and took away with him keys to the private wallets, locking out investors of $145 million forever. Turkey’s largest exchange THODEX ceased operations abruptly, with the owner fleeing with $2 billion of people’s money. The list goes on.

Ironically decentralized assets are deposited on centralized platforms and are vulnerable. The key to proper wealth management is the decentralization of services. – And now, DeFi is a $112+ billion industry which is only set to grow further.

Your Eggs, Your Basket

Wealth Universe (WeU) offers a decentralized alternative to mainstream digital asset management where the investor is in control. WeU offers excellent portfolio management through a social wealth generation ecosystem. – Rather than limit to pure cryptocurrencies, WeU allows people to invest in different classes through tokenization of assets such as:

  • Stocks: Tokenization of stocks gives the opportunity to enjoy mainstream capital appreciation and dividends with the ease of decentralization.

  • Gold: The precious metal has always been a hedge in times of economic turmoil.

  • Wind Energy: Renewable energy resources are the way to go today, and wind energy investment is increasing day by day.

  • Real Estate: With tokenized real estate, investors can gain fractional ownership of the most in-demand real estate.

The process has been made simple. The investor decides how much to invest and where, along with the expected yield. WeU takes that into account and creates a basket with the right set of assets. Based on blockchain technology, WeU remains completely away from the controls of users’ finances.

WEU Token: Your Decentralized Wealth Management

WEU token is the underlying asset that runs the economy of the WeU platform, and has recently undergone a successful private sale and listing on pancakeswap. Speaking on the recent private sale of the token, Denis Roth, the CEO of WeU said,

“We are so excited by the progress we have made to date. Successfully concluding our Seed and Private funding rounds at $0.10 and $0.40 which was a resounding success. And our subsequent launch on PancakeSwap has gone exceedingly well.”

The power of decentralized wealth management has proven to be an effective tool. Initially the token was available for investors in the presales ranging from $.10 to $.40. By the time the token was listed on Pancakeswap at an initial value of $1, it experienced a sharp rise in value, eventually hitting its all time high of $76. The large uptick in value shows high public confidence in the project and what it brings to the table.

A platform for the public designed for financial inclusion into the modern digitized wealth, the team behind WeU knows that the key player in this venture is the community. The WeU management is proud of the achievement it has made and wants to thank the community for their unwavering support. WEU has an exciting future as we are shortlisting projects from Leisure, Luxury and Lifestyle, gold mining, AR, AI, and Edtech projects all with high APY to offer to our community.

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