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Fidelity Investments

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SPECIAL AWARD: Best benefits
Private company founded in 1946
Three D-FW offices
7,000 local workers and 40,000 in the U.S

The financial services firm based in Boston was one of the first U.S. employers to offer student debt relief to employees. More than 2,200 Texas employees have participated in the program, saving employees more than $16 million in lifetime cost since the program began in 2016. It’s helping build more financially literate communities by working with nonprofit organizations such as Big Thought, Boys & Girls Club of Greater Tarrant County and Girls Inc. that are responding to challenges stemming from racial inequity and social injustice.

Workers say:

“As a Black woman, I don’t feel left out or looked at strangely. It’s nice to see people who look like me as my peers, managers and team leads.”

”Fidelity and its employees encourage me to take on new experiences and new opportunities such as applying for another position within the company or taking on new responsibilities; I’ve never had that before joining Fidelity.”

“Fidelity has the strongest, most positive corporate culture I’ve ever encountered in my career.”