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Rupert Murdoch Tells Trump to STFU About 2020

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If you’ve had the unfortunate opportunity to turn on a TV, log onto the internet, or open up a newspaper in the last 10 months, you’re more than likely aware that Donald Trump is pathologically incapable of admitting that he lost the election to Joe Biden and moving on from the events of November 2020. “This is only the beginning of the irregularities,” he claimed at a rally in July during which he insisted a sham audit would prove he’d actually won. “We’re not talking about Arizona any more. We’re talking about the United States of America.” “Enclosed is a report of 43,000 Absentee Ballot Votes Counted in DeKalb County that violated the Chain of Custody rules, making them invalid,” he wrote in a letter to Georgia secretary of state Brad Raffensperger in September, encouraging him to “start the process of decertifying the Election.” The whole thing is obviously ridiculous and absurd and apparently it’s not just Democrats and lucid individuals who would like him to shut up about the whole thing, it’s formerly good pals too.

For instance, one Rupert Murdoch. Per Insider:

In rare public comments, News Corp. Executive Chairman Rupert Murdoch told shareholders on Wednesday that former President Donald Trump is not helping further conservatism in public debate.

Murdoch, who was the chairman and CEO of News Corp. from 1980 until 2013, name dropped Trump during his comments during the company’s annual meeting. “The current American political debate is profound, whether about education or welfare or economic opportunity,” Murdoch said, according to New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman. “It is crucial that conservatives play an active, forceful role in that debate, but that will not happen if President Trump stays focused on the past,” he continued. “The past is the past, and the country is now in a contest to define the future.”

While Fox News effectively served as state TV during Trump’s time in office, Murdoch and the ex-president had a falling out after the nonagenarian billionaire reportedly gave the network the greenlight to call Arizona for Biden on election night, apparently telling his son, of Trump, “F–k him.”

Of course, it‘s a little rich for Murdoch to be criticizing someone else for trafficking in lies and bullshit. While Fox has recently mostly steered clear of Trump’s election-fraud claims, and ran an entire segment in February debunking said claims that had been uttered on air, that probably has more to do with the “blistering legal threat” from voting technology company Smartmatic, which later sued the network for $2.7 billion, than suddenly gaining a conscience. (Dominion Voting Systems has also sued Fox News in a $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit over voting machine election-fraud claims.) Meanwhile, its prime-time star Tucker Carlson spent the earlier part of this month promoting a fact-free “documentary,” which aired on Fox Nation, in which it is posited that the January 6 attack on the Capitol, incited by Trump and undertaken by his election-truther supporters, was a “false flag“ operation orchestrated by federal officials.

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House votes to censure Paul Gosar, strip him of committee assignments

Normal people would view this as a reasonable, if light, outcome for creating and tweeting an animated video in which he slashed the neck of a colleague. Per The Washington Post:

The 223-to-207 vote, with one member voting present, marks the first time in more than a decade that the House has censured one of its members…. A censure is less severe than expulsion from the House but more severe than a reprimand. Shortly after Wednesday’s vote, Gosar stood in the “well” of the House chamber as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) read aloud the censure resolution and a verbal rebuke.

Wednesday’s House vote comes a little over a week after Gosar shared a 90-second clip that appears to be an altered version of the opening credits of the Japanese animated series Attack on Titan. The show revolves around a hero who sets out to destroy the Titans, giant creatures that have devoured nearly all of human civilization. “Any anime fans out there?” Gosar said in the tweet in which he shared a link to the altered video. In one scene of the video, [Alexandria] Ocasio-Cortez’s face is edited over one of the Titans’ faces. Gosar flies into the air and slashes the Titan in the back of the neck, killing it. In another scene, Gosar swings two swords at a foe whose face has been replaced by that of Biden.