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80% global Indians investing in India, 59% plan to increase investments: Survey

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© Provided by Business Today 80% global Indians investing in India, 59% plan to increase investments: Survey

Around 80 per cent of global Indians are making some sort of investments in India, while 59 per cent are mulling an increase in the levels of investments in the next three years, according to HSBC’s first annual Global Indian Pulse report released on Thursday.

Investment motivations, on the other hand, are a ‘combination of head and heart among Global Indians,’ the report stated.

As per the report, key drivers for those planning to live in India are being closer to family or friends (51 per cent), caring for relatives (43 per cent), immersing themselves in Indian culture (32 per cent) and using their skills and experience to bring about change in India (32 per cent), the report highlights. Particularly for those who do not want to live in the country, food (63 per cent) and celebrating Indian festivals (52 per cent) are common ways to stay connected with India.


More than 77 per cent respondents said they felt a strong connect with the country and 80 per cent said what the future holds for India intrigued them. The data states first generation (69 per cent) and second generation (52 per cent) Global Indians say they miss spending time with their family when talking about India. Third generation Global Indians say they miss the food (42 per cent) and the culture (39 per cent) more than they miss family (30 per cent).


“It is widely acknowledged that Global Indians make an enormous contribution to the prosperity of countries all around the world. Our report highlights the strength of their emotional and financial connections with India. It helps being to life the personal perspectives which show how they benefit from the impressive soft power of India day in, day out, through things like sport, food and the contribution of Indians across the world in politics, science and economics,” said HSBC India Head of Wealth and Personal Banking Raghu Narula said.

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