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Bastiat Viljoen and Rael Demby discuss how Troygold revolutionises investing in gold

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Bastiat Viljoen is the CEO of Troygold, which is a fintech business that provides gold-based financial services.

Viljoen has a BSc in Finance and Accounting from New York University’s Stern School of Business in the USA.

He worked for mining-focused corporate finance advisory firm Qinisele Resources before co-founding Blyvoor Gold Capital – a gold mining house that acquired and operated Blyvoor Gold Mine.

Rael Demby is the CEO of The South African Gold Coin Exchange and The Scoin Shop.

He has been running The Scoin Shop for over 3 years, and has been operationally involved in the business for the last 9.

His father, Alan, built the business over 45 years, and Rael’s passion for technology, blockchain, and e-commerce has enhanced the world’s first gold coin retail business into a modern, digital, and global enterprise.

Demby has a BCom, PDM, and recently completed an online Crypto course at MIT.

In this episode of What’s Next, Viljoen discusses how the Troygold platform digitises the gold ownership process, and Demby explains how The Scoin Shop stores the physical gold on Troygold’s behalf.

Demby also highlights that The Scoin Shop believes in the project so much that it has now become an angel investor in Troygold alongside its original marketing, distribution, and physical infrastructure roles.

Demby discusses what the partnership between Troygold and The Scoin Shop means for existing gold investors in South Africa, and then Viljoen explains into how one can begin investing with Troygold.

Viljoen and Demby also details how they keep clients’ investments secure – both physically and digitally.

Demby concludes by offering insight into what investors can expect from the gold price moving forward.

The full interview with Bastiat Viljoen and Rael Demby is embedded below. You can see all What’s Next with Aki Anastasiou interviews here.