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NDB Wealth offers best plans to spend and save in season

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NDB Wealth as a trusted financial and wealth management partner strongly advocates the need to plan ahead and prepare for the festivities in a prudent manner so that one can relax and enjoy the season. The festivities and joys surrounding the season lead to the biggest celebration of the year. For many individuals and businesses, this is the time to reconnect with acquaintances, friends and family through various events and celebrations.

This year more than ever, many have felt and understood the importance of friends and family due to the prolonged period of reduced or minimal social interaction brought about the pandemic situation. Therefore this will be the season for giving, sharing and spending with all the gift buying and celebrations.

“With the financial and social pressures looming in the background, managing the season might require some added effort from most individuals and businesses. However, prioritizing, planning and budgeting in a strategic way will not only help to experience the joy the season brings but will also help to prepare for the upcoming new year,” stated Nadun Pathirana, Head of Retail Sales from NDB Wealth.

“The season is always a good time to evaluate spending and plan your savings for the next season. Starting a bit early will benefit everyone vastly. Putting a small amount of money away during the weeks leading up to the festivities will help you to feel more in control of your finances and will leave you with a backup for emergencies.”

“NDB Wealth offers a range of investment plans to help you manage your financial planning stress free. The joyful time of the season can be enhanced, allowing investors to even indulge in luxurious spending if required. Money Fund, a Money Market fund from NDB Wealth is one way of enhancing your celebrations this season. This account will help you to plan ahead and prepare especially for festive times such as Christmas.”

An excellent, multi-purpose account for individuals and corporates, Money Fund helps you to solidify the future and step up in life, making it the account for every season, for everyone.