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Joe did it: Worse than Trump on economy, US might

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There appears to be no bottom to President Joe Biden’s drop in the polls.

While he has gone from liberal hero to 1,000-pound drag on Democrats in record time, Biden has now hit lows that neither of his two predecessors did even at their worst points.

The latest Rasmussen Reports survey previewed by Secrets said that Biden’s approval/disapproval rating by voters on the economy and national security have dropped below the worst recorded by former President’s Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

Today’s numbers:

  • Economy: 32% good to excellent, 66% fair to poor, with 55% rating him poor.
  • National security: 34% good to excellent, 62% fair to poor. And 50% rated him poor. That is worse than his rating immediately after the botched troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.

In a Rasmussen survey released last week, his numbers were even worse when voters were asked about his performance on crime and immigration.

Rasmussen’s analysis said that compared to Trump and Obama, Biden’s poor ratings are remarkably bad.

“Biden’s economic and national security ratings are worse than the lowest ratings of either of his two immediate predecessors. Former President Donald Trump’s lowest ratings, for his handling of both the economy (44% poor) and national security (47% poor), were in July 2017. Former President Barack Obama’s worst rating on the economy was 51% poor in August 2011 while Obama’s lowest rating on national security was 47% poor in January 2016,” said Rasmussen.

Just yesterday, CNBC also reported that its polling showed horrible approval/disapproval ratings for Biden, in office for less than a year.

And a new Zogby Poll provided to Secrets found that when it comes to Biden’s job “performance,” the majority fail him. In that survey, 43.2% gave the president a good to excellent rating, while 54.9% rated him fair to poor.

The free fall comes despite a strong labor market and record stock market highs. Polls, however, show that the nation is fearful of inflation, now at a 30-year high, and the continued threat of the coronavirus which has infected more under Biden than Trump.

His own political party appears to sense that Biden can’t stop the fall. By this morning, 25 House Democrats, many in senior leadership positions, have announced plans to retire rather than face a tough reelection.

Rasmussen said, “While party loyalty explains much of the division of opinion about how Biden is handling issues, he has lost ground even among Democratic voters. On national security issues, for example, 63% of Democrats rate Biden excellent or good, down from 68% in August, while on economic issues, the share of Democrats rating the president handling as excellent or good declined to 57% from 62% in October.”