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If Trump were POTUS the USA would not be participating in the upcoming Olympic Games.

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Never forget there are still hundreds of thousands if not millions of Chinese working in a slave labor system to enrich the ruling elites in the CCP and to provide the US with cheap goods that in turn have destroyed much of the US industrial/manufacturing base.

Forcing American athletes to skip the biggest event of their professional/sporting lives is not a “tough decision” vis-a-vis China, nor would it do anything about the ascension of China. The only thing it would do is make the United States appear even more weak and petty than our 21st Century Asian policy already does–something China is already thriving on.

It’s to not give any legitimacy or to support in any fashion an authoritarian regime that has vowed to remove the US as the world’s alpha super power.

We have diplomatic relations with China. We do, in fact, as a stated policy of the United States government, consider the CCP’s leadership as the legitimate government of China. Nothing relating to our athletes’ participation at the Olympics can impact that recognition.

I got ya, it’s much more important to allow US Olympic athletes the opportunity to compete in the country that’s the greatest threat to the US because they’ve trained so hard.

The same communist country that refused to allow a unbiased investigation to determine the origins of the Covid19 pandemic… want to help showcase their communist country?

The same communist regime that shut down travel in their country in an attempt to save their economy while at the same time allowing Chinese citizens to travel to other countries knowing there was a good chance they were spreading the virus… think because some athletes trained real hard we should send them to a communist country that didn’t do it’s part in trying to contain a pandemic?

Yeah, frick’em (China) and every American who believes we should send US athletes to participate in that communist country. I can assure my television won’t be tuned to whichever “woke” network is broadcasting the Olympics.

Maybe you’re not aware but the US is in an undeclared war with the CCP whether we want it or not…..the CCP has made that fact abundantly clear.