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Learning investments through football terms

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FBS is an acknowledged and licensed international online broker. The company is present in 150+ countries, with over 18 million active traders. For more than 12 years, FBS has been providing a secure, innovative, and client-friendly financial service.

Fans and Traders

As the Official Principal Partner of Leicester City Football Club, FBS is passionately fond of football. Leicester’s fans are famous for being faithful and devoted to their team and club, just like the broker’s investors are known for their loyalty. While the fans show their support, market players cheer for their investment portfolio – a collection of financial investments like, for example, stocks. There is a difference, though. Traders choose “players” for their “team” by themselves!

One for All, and All for One

A team is a well-coordinated group whose aim is to achieve a particular result, primarily a successful one. Each player has a unique role in a football team. When everyone on the field does their job, the team perform amazingly. If one player makes a mistake, another one will cover him, and in the end, the team can win as well!

The same logic works for the investment portfolio. Rather than focus on a single asset, traders diversify their investments among various asset types. It’s called diversification. Let’s look at the forex field and choose players who would perform in the market in your favour.

Building a Team

Let’s start with the centre of the field. Central midfielders are the link between attack and defense. Their role is to pass the ball and help the team’s attacks. The high-dividend stocks would play this role perfectly. Being on the central position in the investment portfolio, they are stable, low-risk investments that allow earning money from dividend returns of the companies and their growth. Good examples of such players are Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Procter & Gamble, etc.

The defense would start with defensive stocks. Just like a fullback, they play wide to protect both the sides and the centre. Defensive stocks provide consistent dividends and stable earnings regardless of the overall stock market’s sentiment. There is a constant demand for their products, so defensive stocks are the stocks of food, beverage, and pharmaceutical companies.

The area right in front of the goal is protected by the centre-back, the blue-chip stocks in the investment portfolio. The blue-chip stocks are low-risk investments because they protect the portfolio from falling. They increase the value slowly and do not lose as much value as other stocks during a market downturn. The good blue chips representatives are Apple, Tesla, or Walt Disney.

Now let’s attack! Wingers are attacking players at the opponent’s side of the field. They play risky and straight and resemble speculative stocks. As a result, their performance is hard to predict. Speculative stocks are viewed as high-risk investments because high returns always go along with high risk. As a rule, speculative stocks belong to young companies with revolutionary technologies or unique products.

And the last line of defense is a goalkeeper. He should catch the ball no matter what, even if everyone else misses it. The same is with the stock indexes. The stock indexes are the last ones to lose their value, even if all the elements of the portfolio drop, the stock index should sustain most market shocks. The most popular stock indices are S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, and Dow Jones.

A growth stock would take a forward position. To score a goal, a growth stock should rise higher than other elements and earn most of the points for the portfolio. Besides, a goal is usually scored once or twice in a whole game. The same is with — the growth stock — it rockets rarely, but if it does, you win!

Score a Goal with FBS

We gathered great players who would perform in the market successfully. Everyone can pick players according to their taste. The focus here is a goal you want to achieve. Consider your plan, value your trading knowledge, make a strategy, and set up your team with the decisive players to achieve the desired result.

Your coach is always by your side. The FBS Trader app will guide you into the financial world. The handy app tools analyze the market and provide the necessary information for you to score a goal. Go ahead – grab your chance to play in the market!
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