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Second Nature Secures New Investments for Sales Coaching Platform

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January 14, 2022

Second Nature Secures New Investments for Sales Coaching Platform

Properly training sales agents is one of the most fundamental aspects for maximizing the chances of business success. Under ideal circumstances, agents in training would partake in in-house training exercises, or mentoring programs with more experienced agents. This approach has essentially gone extinct as a result of the pandemic, and business leaders are looking for new approaches to sales agent training in remote settings.

Second Nature, an AI-powered sales coaching platform provider, is one company looking to improve sales training outside of office environments. The company recently announced the official launch of its platform for business customers. Second Nature was able to finally roll out its platform after years of development, thanks to securing $12.5 million in Series A funding from investors.

The Series A investment round included support from Venture Capital, StageOne Ventures,Cardurmen Capital, and Zoom Video Communications. After the round was completed, Second Nature’s total capital amount reached $15.5 million.

Second Nature’s sales coaching platform is unique from alternative training programs, by offering users sales simulations with “Jenny”: an AI-powered conversation partner which utilizes NLP to help improve sales agent skills in real-world settings. The platform is also incredibly useful for managers looking to pinpoint specific areas needing improvement for individual agents. With detailed analytics, managers can ensure agents are focusing more time training in weaker areas, while reinforcing their best skills.

Although Second Nature officially launched this platform to the public this week, it has been successfully deployed by companies, including Zoom, to help train agents over the course of the pandemic.

“In the growing sales tech landscape, Second Nature has established itself as a leader in AI-powered simulation and role-play for customer facing roles. By helping companies transition their sales coaching from being ad hoc to data-driven and structured, we’re empowering executives to drive real change in their organizations.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle