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Sonoma County financial adviser for Morgan Stanley Wealth Management wins North Bay Forty Under 40 award

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Sonoma County is “the only place I have known as home,” says Brenda Ell who worked full time while putting herself through college at Santa Rosa Junior College and later at Sonoma State University.

Parlaying an internship at Morgan Stanley into a full-time job as a wealth adviser after graduation, Ell says there’s a recognition that money management can be emotional for some.

“When a client comes in contemplating a large financial decision or a life change, naturally they can be anxious. I feel rewarded by the relief they express after going through the planning process. Even if the outcome is not what they were expecting, we come up with solutions to get them there by scenario modeling and probability analysis.”

In a business sense, what is the greatest thing about being under 40; and then what is the worst?

“The greatest thing about being under 40 is the openness to new ideas, technology and systems that the younger generation has. My older counterparts seem to be a bit more stuck in their ways and less open to change. I welcome all things new and innovative.

“The worst thing about being under 40 in my occupation is not being taken seriously. Some older clients and prospects look at you like you are their child’s age and can’t know what you’re talking about, but in reality, us younger advisers are up on all the new rules, strategies and technology that can add value to the client relationship.”