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Trump's strategy may lead to “ugly nights” in May primaries

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The massive initial test of former President Donald Trump‘s influence will come on Tuesday in Ohio’s Senate primary, where author J.D. Vance moved towards the lead after gaining Trump’s endorsement.

Vance’s win would portray that Donald Trump is still a king, but the illusions may last for a short time.

Trump has already spent his political capital in many contests that reveal the potential limits of his post-presidential impact on the GOP. For the former president, the month of May sounds no good.

Marking a few-week stretch of the primaries running from Nebraska and West Virginia to Idaho, Pennsylvania and Georgia, a few of Trump’s preferred candidates are lagging far behind. Trump-endorsed candidates face many complex challenges while in the race since Trump’s support didn’t prove strong enough.

Considering his previous performance, his record in such contests is no small matter. He has lost the popular vote twice while his two appearances on a ballot. While his term as president, the GOP lost the Senate, House and the White House.

Donald Trump cannot overlook a few instances that his failures are stacking up or the party base support is being offered to him only occasionally.

A few strategists and advisers also commented on Trump’s influence in the Republican primaries and said the former president might lead to a few ugly nights in May. Also, One of the comments states that Trump has made a mistake this time.

The opponents of Trump-endorsed candidates in Pennsylvania and Ohio are quickly moving ahead of Trump and have started openly questioning Trump’s decision on his endorsements in TV ads. Meanwhile, Trump’s endorsements have failed to clear even primary fields.

A Trump adviser and an Ohio pastor, Darrell Scott, stated that President Trump is a popular figure and very charismatic. Any affiliations or associations with him can prove beneficial.

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