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Trump endorses Bognet in bid for Congressional GOP nomination

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HAZLE TWP. — Republican Congressional aspirant Jim Bognet has earned a personal endorsement from the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, in his bid to win the party’s nomination for the 8th District seat.

“President Trump called me yesterday (Monday) and said, ‘Jim, you have my complete and total endorsement,” Bognet told the Times Leader Tuesday evening.

In a separate release from Bognet’s campaign office, Trump is quoted as saying, “Jim served in my administration and helped bring manufacturing jobs back to Northeast Pennsylvania. In Congress, he will fight to grow our economy, build the wall, defend the Second Amendment, and support our brave military, vets, and law enforcement.”

A Hazle Township resident, Bognet previously worked for the Trump administration as an appointee to the U.S. Export-Import Bank. If elected, he says he aims to continue work on enforcing many of Trump’s policies.

Bognet remarked, “It’s an incredible honor to be endorsed by him here in 2022, to be his choice to serve in Congress just says so much. I’ve been fighting for his America First agenda now for almost six years now, so it really meant a lot.”

He also explained that there’s been a lot of positive feedback and reaction from all over the district, mentioning receiving over 100 congratulatory phone calls on Tuesday, in addition to social media support.

Bognet called the Eight Congressional District, “Trump Country,” and further waxed on the importance of the primary elections as we look further into November.

“We need to have a red wave in the fall and take back both the governor’s office, the Senate, and the House (of Representatives). The representation starts right here in Joe Biden’s ‘hometown’, although we know that’s a crock.”

Trump’s endorsement comes just two weeks before the primary elections, scheduled for May 17. Bognet faces former Hazleton Mayor Mike Marsicano for the Republican nod. The winner will go on to face incumbent Matt Cartwright, D-Moosic, in November’s general election.

Bognet also received Trump’s endorsement in September 2020, when he previously tried to unseat Cartwright.

Trump has also voiced his endorsement for Dr. Mehmet Oz in his bid for Senate in Pennsylvania, a move that has angered some conservatives.

When asked about his thoughts on that endorsement, Bognet said, “I’ll let the President speak for himself. I’m very focused on my own campaign and I feel that I owe it to the Republicans to be focused like a laser on my campaign.”

He was also laser focused on what has been happening in the White House.

“I will say this, we have a lot of great candidates for Senate and for governor that are out there, (and) I encourage all Republicans to get out and vote in all those elections,” Bognet added. “It’s crucial that we win back the Senate and stop Joe Biden from destroying our country.”

In closing, Bognet said, “Joe don’t know Scranton. He says he does, he pretends, but you know, this is a guy that’s been in … Joe Biden was elected to the United States Senate three years before I was born. And I’m 46 years old. Think about that.”