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ClearBridge Investments Global Infrastructure Income Strategy’s Q1 2022 Investor Letter

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Jeff Bezos recently shocked Amazon investors to the core with this bold prediction:

“I predict one day, Amazon will fail.”

In a candid interview, Bezos explained that he believes “Amazon will be disrupted one day” and eventually “will go bankrupt.”

What might be even more alarming is that Bezos has been dumping roughly $1 billion worth of Amazon stock every year…

But Bezos isn’t just cashing out, he’s reinvesting his money into a fast-emerging technology that he believes will “improve every business.”

What most people don’t know is… the technology that Bezos is busy betting on is reliant on a tiny manufactured component… a component that Amazon does NOT produce in-house.

That’s because another company (less than 1/6th the size of Amazon)…is producing a version of this component so powerful that it is absolutely annihilating the competition.

He’s not alone in seeing this emerging technology this way…

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