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Russell Investments launches sustainable managed portfolios

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Russell Investments has announced its Sustainable Managed Portfolios, providing Australian investors with exposure to predominantly sustainable managers and strategies within a managed portfolio structure.

Developed in response to investor demand, the Sustainable Managed Portfolios would extend Russell Investments’ existing range of dynamically managed multi-asset portfolios. It would also offer financial advisers opportunities to align their clients’ investments with their environmental, social and governance (ESG) values.

Neil Rogan, Russell Investments head of adviser and intermediary solutions in Australia, said: “Russell Investments’ Sustainable Managed Portfolios are a significant development for financial advisers.

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“Now, they can invest their clients in portfolios which leave a positive sustainable impact on the world, while harnessing the institutional-grade depth of research and manager access that Russell Investments makes possible for retail and wholesale investors.

“By employing a multi-asset managed portfolio structure, we are able to satisfy a range of investor risk appetites, while saving advisers time by ensuring they no longer need to deliver a Statement or Record of Advice when changes are made to the portfolio.”

Russell Investments’ Sustainable Managed Portfolios were available in balanced and growth options, and accessible on multiple investment platforms.