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The Best Vanguard Mutual Funds Of 2022

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Investors striving to beat the market with an actively managed balanced fund  and a long track record need to look no further. Vanguard’s Wellington launched in 1929 and is the oldest U.S.-balanced mutual fund.

Conservative investors who believe that a low-fee, actively managed fund can beat the market have an excellent choice in Vanguard’s Wellington, one of our picks for the best retirement income funds.

With approximately 64% in stocks and 36% in bonds, VWELX’s historical returns speak for itself. This balanced fund’s 15-year return of 7.18% trumps both benchmark and category returns of 5.99% and 5.32%, respectively.

The lead fund manager, Daniel Pozen, took the helm in July 2020. He has proven able to ferret out high-quality, dividend-paying large-capitalization stocks with a competitive advantage. The bond’s allocation is a 60/40 mix of investment-grade corporate debt, taxable municipal bonds, and asset-backed securities.