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In rebuttal: Rudolph Ziehm: U.S. is better off today than under Trump

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I read a letter asking, “are you better off now than you were two years ago?” (“Is U.S. better off now versus 2 years ago?,” May 31).

Well, I now know that, since then, we didn’t wake up to find COVID had gone away overnight like then-President Trump had said. There are a million, and still counting, dead in this country.

Trump negotiated the treaty in Afghanistan without the government being involved; no wonder things went so well for the Taliban. The whole world economy is teetering from COVID’s ravages and Don’s pal Vladimir Putin’s assault on democracy.

I know I feel better about my kids’ and grandkids’ future, as well as America’s, than I did two years ago, because truth does matter.

Rudolph Ziehm, Sabattus

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