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Should I use my retirement savings to pay off debt?

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Q. I am 66 and married and I still work. I haven’t started Social Security and hope to wait until age 70. Our annual income is about $150,00 a year. We plan to work another three to five years or until my wife is eligible for Medicare and Social Security. We own a property in New Jersey that’s rented out to a relative and we break even on our monthly costs. We also have a place in Florida which has no mortgage but needs to be updated, and our primary residence is a rental in Jersey City. I have $250,000 in my 401(k) and $30,000 in my Roth IRA and I contribute the minimum. I’m working hard to pay off debt before retirement. I have a $25,000 home equity loan and owe $15,000 in back taxes. Should I take money from the Roth and pay off the debt and then increase my 401(k) to build the savings back? Or should I just slowly pay the debt?

— Unsure

A. There’s a lot to consider here.