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Ouch: ABC Publishes Completely Wrong Pre-Write on Jobs Report — Weeks After Accidentally Publishing Pre-Write on Ivana Trump’s Death

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Who among us?

ABC News jumped the gun on Friday, briefly publishing a pre-written story assuming that July’s jobs report would reveal a hiring slowdown — despite the fact that the report would soon reveal the U.S. added a shocking 528,000 jobs.

The error came just weeks after the news outlet accidentally published a pre-write on the death of former President Donald Trump’s first wife Ivana Trump.

The network can be forgiven for the fresh screw up: everyone, including the White House, assumed the July jobs report would bring tough news for the country. No doubt the other news networks had their own pre-written reports bearing the same grim tidings.

But then on Friday, the July jobs report was released, surpassing expectations by adding 528,000 jobs last month. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate also fell to 3.5%.

In a screenshot posted to Twitter, comedian and political commentator Hal Sparks noted ABC accidentally published a draft story on the jobs report that was “amazingly wrong.”

The story published to ABC included “XYZ” to fill in for the numbers that had not yet been released, as well as an angle that assumed the jobs report would have bad news for President Joe Biden’s White House along with the general public.

According to the prematurely published story, ABC erroneously reported a “hiring slowdown in July,” going as far as to speculate that the July jobs report “marks the latest sign of an economic slowdown as the Federal Reserve carries out a fight against inflation.”

At 8:47 am, ABC published a corrected story highlighting that the July jobs report “defied expectations of a hiring slowdown.”

“Moreover, the figures signal an improvement from the already-robust hiring sustained over the first half of 2022,” wrote ABC in the article.

Last month, the network made a similar error, including pre-write notes in its reporting on the passing of Ivana Trump. The headline still included “DO NOT PUB,” confusing readers for nearly half an hour before the mistake was fixed by ABC.

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