Investing in edtech? Don’t follow the trends, follow the results

Starting in 2011, the U.S. Department of Education opened the door to the burgeoning edtech industry, allowing universities to share tuition revenue with for-profit vendors. Online companies soon flooded into the market, finding university partners looking to grow and develop their edtech platforms.

Many of these online companies utilized different approaches to eLearning:

However, one company, Amesite, took a different approach by creating a Learning Community Environment® (LCE℠) or, in other words, customized learning ecosystems. Instead of targeting potential learners through aggressive marketing engines and acting as a liaison, Amesite followed a different path; one that focuses on creating strategic partnerships with businesses, universities, non-profits and government agencies that use their cutting-edge learning platform to foster high learner engagement and actually teach those who are wanting to upskill. The reality is that 96% of professionals in the workplace regard upskilling as important and many are willing to spend their time on courses that will benefit their careers.

“The biggest markets in edtech are in products and programs that upskill people with ease of use – short, accessible and targeted. These markets can be addressed with our solution while building revenues for our partners and for us, and most importantly, delivering to huge, hungry markets that are not being served right now.” Dr. Ann Marie Sastry says.

Leading disruption in edtech

Parallels can be drawn between other industries which have seen similar disruptors speed ahead and outpace the pack. In the electric car sector, for example, one brand has near-dominated the entire market merely by sticking to the technology, owning their supply chain and bucking the trends.  

Amesite took a similar path in the edtech space, pursuing the course of true disruption. The biggest differentiator:  they focused on becoming a partner to educational organizations. They care about their customers, their users and their reputations, touting a 98% retention rate for all products. By addressing common deficiencies found on other learning platforms such as outdated content, complicated usages and lack of learner engagement, Amesite is delivering high rates of retention precisely because of their unique focus on the user experience for both the learner and instructor.

Outdated content? Not possible with Amesite’s AI technology that drives engagement with fresh, current content and analytics that enable continuous course improvements. Platform too complicated to start that course? Their LCE℠ can be learned in minutes and will not discourage you from taking a course online. Don’t feel connected with your instructor or peers? No problem, their platform also includes a social media inspired interface that allows you to connect and engage with others.  

By having a clear vision and unique approaches to common gripes, they aim to lead the eLearning market in quality — and earnings potential. Their string of recent wins is evidence that the huge eLearning market is hungry for a holistic solution which they already have the technology to provide.

Building systems to succeed

For Amesite, eLearning represented an area with great potential to benefit both educators and learners. They didn’t market B2C, they didn’t play partners off each other and they didn’t deliver the hugely expensive degree programs that most learners don’t need and don’t want. They also respect the data and privacy of their customers and their users.

“You should not have to trade your data for an education,” Sastry states. “Amesite was founded on the idea that we would not monetize learners’ data. We would keep the data secure, and that was—and remains—of paramount importance to us.” And that is why they partnered with Microsoft Azure. Amesite’s business strategy required a cloud service that was consistent with company values and its commitment to data privacy and security.

Amesite has continued to grow steadily because they have helped their partner businesses, universities, non-profits and others get better. They have kept their relationship with partners transparent. On their website, numerous case studies highlight the work they have done: creating programs to empower upskilling and on-demand, engaging learning experiences.

By building these innovative systems, Amesite has provided customers with the essential tech stack they need while complementing their core strengths, never working against them. Through these collaborations, they are in a unique position as trailblazers in an industry which is here to stay and is in dire need of high-quality solutions now.

Edtech will continue to be a powerful tool in the age of remote learning. To meet the growing demand, Amesite is fully invested in the future of eLearning.

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