GOP Rep. Mike Turner says no national-security threat apparent in Trump raid affidavit

A top GOP pol griped Sunday that thanks to a heavily redacted affidavit, it’s still unclear whether any file kept by former President Trump created an “imminent national security threat’’ — although another key Republican acknowledged the ex-commander in chief never should have held on to the classified papers.

“What’s missing in the allegations are that there’s some imminent national security threat that would justify raiding the president’s home,” said Rep. Mike Turner, the highest-ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, to Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.”

The Justice Department, under court order, on Friday released parts of the affidavit it presented to a judge to get authorization to conduct its raid on Mar-a-Lago earlier this month.

The affidavit claimed the FBI previously found 184 documents marked classified in former President Donald Trump’s home.
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Turner claimed the Justice Department could have pursued other options instead of the “invasive” raid.
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The 38-page document was heavily blacked out amid national-security and other concerns, a move that infuriated Trump and his supporters.

The affidavit claimed that the FBI had previously found 184 documents marked classified — 25 as top secret, 92 as secret and 67 as confidential — mingled haphazardly with newspaper clippings and other personal correspondence in Trump’s home. 

Turner said Sunday that “former President Trump’s home was raided, which is the most invasive manner in which the FBI could have gone about this.”

Sen. Roy Blunt admitted that Trump should not have kept classified documents.
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Meanwhile, Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee​,​ conceded that Trump should have left the classified documents behind at the end of his administration.

​”I understand he turned over a lot of documents. He should have turned over all of them. I imagine he knows that very well now as well​,” Blunt told host George Stephanopoulos on ABC News’ “This Week.” 

But he also said the Senate Intelligence Committee was never informed about the missing classified documents, a situation that needs to be explained.  

“One of the things I was concerned about when I heard about this so-called raid or seizing of these documents was, why hadn’t the Intelligence Committee that I’ve been on for my time in the Senate and time in the House, why hadn’t we heard anything about this,” Blunt said. 

He added that the timing of the raid is suspicious, suggesting the Biden administration pushed it to take attention off such things as the disastrous economy and the president’s controversial student-debt bailout.