Equisoft tool helps wealth professionals perform investment product due diligence

Philadelphia, USA, August 30, 2022 – Equisoft, a leading global provider of digital business solutions to the financial industry, today announced the launch of a new module for its Equisoft/analyze solution that is tailored to the wealth management industry. The Fund Compare module is built to help wealth professionals and their companies meet the latest U.S. regulatory requirements, including U.S. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Rule 211.

Fund Compare is an innovative online tool that enables advisors to easily conduct due diligence and achieve compliance by automatically comparing investment fund key metrics, such as historical performance, volatility, product risk, fees, and asset allocation.

“Regulations are changing every day and it can be expensive, confusing, and burdensome to keep up with the information required to provide informed advice to clients and determine the suitability of investment products,” said Robert Chaoui, Vice President, Account Management Canada, at Equisoft. “We are so pleased to provide a solution to simplify and automate the fund analysis process without compromising on the details needed to ensure compliance.”

While the concept of an application that compares similar funds isn’t new, the automatic selection process enabled via the solution’s FundAdvantage feature differentiates it from other solutions. Unlike many other tools, it doesn’t require users to manually select all the products to compare. Instead, Fund Compare leverages technology and data to automatically select comparable products within the same investment category using a configurable proprietary algorithm.

To learn more about Equisoft/analyze and its Fund Compare capability, click here.