Investing in Alberta’s industrial heartland, plus the Commonwealth cause

Organizers of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Commonwealth Study Conference are preparing to host next year’s event in Canada and have registered Ian Anderson, a member of the board of directors, as a lobbyist. The conference will “bring together 300 of the world’s most promising emerging leaders from business, government, labour and the community sector,” says the organization’s website.

The two-week conference, which begins June 3 and will take place in Banff, Alta., will “provoke arguments and different perspectives” and is themed “engaged leadership for inclusive change.”

According to an Angus Reid Institute poll from last year, more than half of Canadians are looking to exit the Commonwealth. The poll followed Barbados’ decision to cut ties with the British monarchy and showed 52 per cent of Canadians, as of November 2021, replied “no” to the question, “Regardless of what you think about individual members of the royal family, do you think Canada should continue as a constitutional monarchy for generations to come?”