Seventh District GOP nominee Yesli Vega: Pro-shutdown, now distancing herself from Trump

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Yesli Vega. Photo Credit:

Seventh District Republican congressional nominee Yesli Vega is all in on voting for a government shutdown.

“I certainly think that we have to slam the brakes and we have to, you know, take a closer look at what’s happening and yes, government is not the solution, right? Government tends to be the problem, and so you’re over here creating these problems — and you want to do nothing to fix them. So, if it has to come to that, I think that we have to,” Vega said in an interview with MAGA radio host John Fredericks on Tuesday.

This is low-hanging fruit for her Democratic opponent, incumbent Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger.

“The notion that my opponent would vote to shut down the government — just because her political party is not in the White House — means that she doesn’t understand the catastrophic impacts of shutdowns on Virginians, Virginia’s economy, our nation’s economy, and our national security,” Spanberger said.

“My opponent is telling Virginians whose side she wants to take in Congress – and it’s not the side of the American people who depend on a functioning government, not the side of Virginia’s thousands of federal employees or contract workers, and not the side of the career FBI agents,CBP agents, and every other federal law enforcement or intelligence officer who must work without pay during government shutdowns.

“In a district that is home to thousands of proud, career public servants, she is completely out of touch,” Spanberger said.

The shutdown talk from Vega comes as reporting from the Washington Post shows Vega is attempting to walk back her affiliations with Donald Trump.

Vega had described herself as a “Pres. Trump Appointee & Candidate for Congress” in her Twitter bio – but the mention of Donald Trump has mysteriously disappeared.

“A few months ago Yesli Vega called herself the most conservative candidate in the race, and now she’s scrubbing Trump mentions from her social media,” said Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spokesperson Monica Robinson. “Life comes at you fast.”

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