Trump’s rage and Roe vs. Wade

Guest Writer

There are many, many major events taking place right now and I will comment on what I consider to be two of the most prominent ones; the Congressional January 6 hearings which I have watched and the overturn of Roe v Wade, which I have read extensively about and researched for accuracy.

There is no doubt in my mind that the “surprise” Jan. 6 hearing offered “jaw-dropping” new details about Donald Trump’s increasingly manic rage along with Mark Meadows’ inaction in the days and hours leading up to the attack.

It is also apparent that Trump was aware of the fact that many in the mob were armed. The woman who testified had a long time association with Republicans and was under oath. The bottom line is that the case against Trump is getting stronger and stronger.

The next step is up to the Attorney General who needs to decide if the case against Trump is strong enough to meet the test for a criminal conviction by a jury. Stay tuned

The abortion decision is one more giant step towards splitting America into two countries culturally, if not geographically.

In a previous column I stated that I was in favor of a woman’s choice with reasonable restrictions but I also understand how it was overturned

It is unfortunate that we live in a time when most of those who are out waving signs and protesting do not have the intellectual capacity to really understand what is happening and why.

A Washington Post columnist called this “the dumbing down of America” and stated that there were few protestors who could answer a simple question about the Constitutional issues involved.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a liberal, feminist and pro choice supporter, predicted that Roe would be overturned. She felt that the basis for the decision was a “weak link” and should have been based on sex discrimination which violated the equal protection provision in the fourteenth amendment rather than the issue of privacy, which was a stretch. She was absolutely right.

On another subject; I recently wrote that if the best we could come up with for Presidential candidates were Biden and Trump then we were on our way to the trash heap.

I have just been researching a subject which, in my opinion accelerates that journey and it is about Semiconductors and our Federal Government, specifically Congress and the Biden Administration.

Semiconductors, also referred to as “chips”, are electronic devices which are absolutely essential to our economic dominance and even our way of life

If all the installed chips stopped working right now our Country would come to a screeching halt–they are in our cars, phones, aircraft, tvs, radios, computers and they are essential to our Defense establishment.

During my Korean War service we had “Bazookas” which were non electronic–Our present day anti tank “Javelin” has over 200 “chips in it.

For reasons which are too extensive to explain here, the United States, which pioneered chips has, over the years outsourced our manufacturing capacity, mostly to the Far East.

Keep in mind that the manufacturing of these devices is not like manufacturing “widgets” or simple products. Setting up a manufacturing facility is a huge undertaking and finding qualified technical workers is difficult

So now we are now almost wholly dependent on Taiwan, South Korea and China for these devices including those for defense operations. Taiwan Semiconductor manufactures 92% of the advanced chips necessary for smartphones, laptops and ballistic missiles. China could overrun Taiwan in a month and has set it as a goal, even if by force– sixty percent of Taiwan Semiconductor employees have advanced degrees. In this country only 35% of public school students are proficient in math.

So, over two years ago the US Senate passes a bill appropriating

$55 billion to help our chipmakers get up to speed and be able to become self-sufficient in this critical area.

Then the bill goes to the Democratic-controlled House and it stalls — Progressives have some problems with it and the House members load it up with pork-laden earmarks.

This is the place where a President and Party leaders need to jump in and tell them to get off their asses and pass the bill but neither Biden or Pelosi do so.

The bill is still not passed.

During World War 2 this country became “the arsenal of democracy” by providing not only for our own defense, but that of our allies.

What is happening is both a disgrace and acceleration to oblivion