Abysmal economic failure under Biden administration, alleges influential GOP leader

The 20 months of the Biden-Harris administration has resulted in an abysmal economic failure and that of the leadership as well, an influential Republican leader has said. The remark came as President Joe Biden on Thursday went into a mid-term campaign mode by slamming the GOP and alleging that the supporters of his predecessor are determined to take the country backwards.

“We have seen the juxtaposition of what was going on in the robust Trump economy and under his presidency and what we believe to be just an abject failure of leadership, energy and ideas and, abysmal economic failure under the Biden Harris administration,” Kimberly Guilfoyle, a core part of the GOP and the Trump team, told PTI.

Former US President Donald Trump’s senior adviser and national finance chairman Guilfoyle exuded confidence that the Republican Party in the November mid-term elections would be able to get control of the House of Representatives and a majority in the Senate as well. “We really feel that we are at a crucial point in the United States. We are answering the call every single day to fight for this country. We believe America is worth it. It’s such a rich and diverse country with a lot of wonderful ‘American First’ patriots out there fighting to live their American dream and really trying to restore this country to greatness,” she said.

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“We hope in the midterm elections, we will be very successful in taking back the House and in addition, being able to gain majority in the Senate,” Guilfoyle, who played a key role in the winning strategy of GOP candidates in several House, Senate and Gubernatorial seats across the country, said.”It has been my pleasure and honour to serve the President over the past five years and working in capacity as senior adviser to the President and also his national finance chairman. He has just been such a driving force in American politics and quite frankly, internationally. I continue to support the President, work for the MAGA superPAC and go across the country campaigning for all the America first candidates that the president supports,” she said.

On Thursday night, Biden launched a scathing attack on Trump and his supporters. “MAGA forces are determined to take this country backwards. Backwards to an America where there is no right to choose, no right to privacy, no right to contraception, no right to marry who you love,” Biden said in a prime-time speech from Philadelphia.

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A Trump confidant, Guilfoyle said she was fighting hard to be able to get the right people in Congress and in the United States Senate, so that “we have a situation that is set up for tremendous success” for Trump to retake the Oval office and the United States presidency.She listed out several candidates, including entrepreneur Blake Master, who is running for the Senate seat from Arizona, best-selling author J D Vance for the Senate seat from Ohio, Dr Mehmet Oz, Republican nominee for US Senate from Pennsylvania, and Congressman Lee Zeldin, who is the party’s nominee in the New York governor race. Trump is scheduled to do a fundraiser for him.

These are people who have worked hard and then want to give back because they feel that they have been incredibly blessed, Guilfoyle said.Indian-Americans, she said in response to a question, are “wonderful people, incredible traditions and cultures, strong family bonds, great values that we hold dear in the conservative party”.

Guilfoyle said that she was “proud to launch Indian-Americans for Trump, a very strong coalition with my great friend and great leader in the Indian-American community, Al Mason, who did so much to make this movement so strong across the country and recognise and appreciate the voices of Indian-Americans”.

Indian-Americans, she said, were incredibly generous with their time and their money contributions to support Trump in his elections. “I have to tell you, the relationship between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and former President Trump was one of the finest that I have seen,” she said. “We were so proud to have so much support for president Trump from the Indian-American community,” Guilfoyle added.