Has Using Apps Made Investing More Accessible?

Apps have changed a lot of industries. eCommerce, Fintech, and more are all affected by the fact that we are carrying our favourite brands in our pocket. But how has it affected investing? It turns out quite a bit. Trading with an app, be it national currency, stocks, or cryptocurrency, are all rising in popularity right now. Take a look at all the benefits we can see in investing with an app.

Apps make investments beginner friendly

Your favourite entertainment, like watching Netflix or live casino Canada, has been made a lot more accessible and quicker with apps, so why shouldn’t that be the case for investing? Investing has always been behind an area of red tape to anyone not a citizen of Wall Street, but apps make investments a lot easier. With an app, you can browse stocks and coins, do your research on what you think has merit and buy what you want.

Stocks have been famously missing a beginner step since their inception, which is by design. There is an air of expertise around investing that has to be maintained for the sake of class, but apps allow people of all backgrounds to take that first step into investing. Users can start small and learn with an app on their phone and build up their portfolio as their experience with the app continues.

An additional perk is that small accounts and smaller trades will get smaller trading fees, allowing newbies to not put too much into the pot and regret it.

Photo by Tech Daily on Unsplash

Apps make investments easier to follow

But the perks of using an app for your investments don’t end at the first step. The main benefit of doing your investing from an app is that you will always have the app with you in your pocket. It’s not a good idea to get too obsessive about what is happening with your money while it is invested, but it means that if you do smell trouble, it’s quick and easy to collect your money and get on with your day.

If you get wind of a billionaire saying something that causes your stock to tank, don’t panic. For one thing, it’s likely to recover after the thoughtless tweet is forgotten, but if you think there is no coming back from this, you can pull your money before things get too bad. Lessen a small loss with quickness rather than a big one.

Apps allow for quicker trading

Investment apps typically allow for automated saving services, which means your app will put away any profits for you to save up, all locked up in your e-wallet. Plus, the stock market has updated their trading to reflect the digital age, allowing you to trade and access digital information via your app. All of this has made trading crypto and stocks free.

Apps make it easier to branch out

So, just about every move on the stock exchange apps is a lot faster with a lot less red tape. But this also makes for a good chance to expand your trading portfolio. The first piece of advice that you’re likely to hear when looking into investments is to diversify your portfolio. This ultimately means not putting all of your eggs into one basket. By buying lots of smaller stocks rather than one big one, you’re less likely to feel it if one of them tanks. You’ll have a lot of others to fall back on.

An app allows you to follow them all at once. You can track what’s doing well, what’s stagnating, and what’s falling, all from the same app, and make moves accordingly.