Investing in Yourself To Stand Out as a Lawyer

The original Top Gun featured a song from Kenny Loggins titled “Highway to the Danger Zone.” The meaning of that song was that to achieve success, we should step outside of what is comfortable. As lawyers, it can be tempting to stick to what works. But to keep growing, not just in one’s career but personally as well, we should keep trying to improve. If you do not know the answer to something, talk to experts and listen to feedback. Feedback isn’t just a critique; it’s an opportunity to advance.

Learn To Ask Questions

Associates should first learn to do their own research, but when you are at a loss, your colleagues are a great source of knowledge and clarity. One of my first (and favorite) mentors told me to never hesitate to ask a question. Lawyers can often appear unyielding and egotistical, but despite external appearances, I have yet to find a colleague that was not willing—and was generally eager—to help with wisdom and redirection.