Kushner Avoids Questions on Whether or Not Trump Should Run in 2024: ‘It’s Tricky’

Former President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, who also worked in his White House, spoke with Sky News on Friday while promoting his recent memoir and was asked about Trump running again in 2024.

“Talk to me about 2024. Would you like to? When might he decide whether he’s going to run or not?” asked Kay Burley.

“You know, nobody can speak for him,” Kushner responded.

“Have you spoken to him about it?” pushed Burley.

“He’s asked me about it. I said, you know, it’s tricky,” Kushner answered as Burley interjected, “What did he ask you?”

”I’d rather not go into that. But basically, I know that he’s obviously thinking about it. He hates seeing what’s happening in the country. You know, he had the economy running so well, he filled the hole economically that was caused by COVID. He got us out of it with the vaccine,” Kushner answered.

“But when will he decide? When will he have to decide? We’re heading towards the midterms, aren’t we? So he’s going to have to decide soon,” Burley asked, not letting the topic go so easily.

“When he’s ready. Like I said,” Kushner replied, “He’s not ruling it out?” pressed Burley.

“Like I said, with Trump, it’s hard to rule anything out. So he’s he’s a very flexible thing,” Kushner replied.

During another section of the wide-ranging interview, Kushner refused to say the 2020 election was stolen.

“President Biden is the president right now,” Kushner said when asked about allegations of voter fraud from his father-in-law.

“There was a transfer of power. I think it was a very sloppy election. I think it has caused a lot of people in our country to look at how our elections are conducted. During Covid they changed a lot of the rules, which gave a lot of people a lot of concerns with how our elections are conducted.”

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