Eric Seto’s Guide To Investing For Retirement Plus Comprehensive Training

Stock market investing coach Eric Seto CPA shares his retirement investment strategies. “When it comes to retirement, it all comes down to your investing strategy, your saving rate, and how much income you want per month.”

Eric Seto CPA, founder of and stock market investing coach, is helping people invest in their retirement. He is offering his expertise on stock investing and how to prepare for retirement, including free comprehensive training. In sharing how he plans for retirement, he outlines his two strategies that have proved effective.

One of the loops many people find themselves stuck in is waiting to establish a financial background to start saving for retirement. Eric shares that even without any financial background, people can learn how to invest for retirement and secure their future.

Eric’s investing strategies are capital gain and income focus. Through his investment coaching, Eric has interacted with many people through his social media platforms, website, and webinars. Eric explains that most people need about $50,000 to $100,000 annually to retire. That is why it is essential to:

  • Figure out how much is needed to retire

The first step to making lifelong investments, enough to retire, is to set a monthly or annual income goal – “because you can upgrade your investing strategy to determine how much you need to save.” Since most financial planning calculators assume a 7% per annum return, an advanced investing strategy would provide a better return and require people to work less years for retirement. “The higher the return, the lower the amount you need to save and invest.

Eric shared his personal budget for retirement, calculated his goal, and took people through his strategy in this short video.

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  • Learning the two investing strategies

Eric has been investing in long-term capital gain for 12 years, mainly in stocks, and he shares his experience in a comprehensive training guide. Deciding to have an early retirement meant he needed to expand his portfolio because a long-term capital gain strategy wouldn’t suffice. Since there are still bills and utilities to pay after retirement, it is important to have a monthly passive income strategy that compliments long-term investing. This is why he combines the capital gain strategy and an income strategy.

  • Choose the right broker.

Eric emphasizes the importance of choosing a reliable broker. When selecting a broker, choosing a reliable and trustworthy partner is important. One who won’t sell personal data to hedge funds.

  • Understanding personality to determine portfolio allocation

People have different personalities. While some can ride out any volatility in the market, others are short-term focused, and each of these personalities thrives in different investing strategies. Long-term-focused people do well in long-term investing because they are able to weather any storm. On the other hand, short-term-focused investors will typically do well in monthly passive income.

  • How to find discounted stocks for investing

Eric heavily focuses on discounted stocks, combining technical and fundamental analysis. He also shares step-by-step instructions in a free training explaining technical and fundamental analysis.

  • Implement and monitor the strategy

Putting a strategy in place is one step; it is important to ensure it works as intended. Eric’s strategy takes about 1-2 hours a week to implement optimally. His free training also touches on setting up for success, keeping in mind that “you are investing to live, not living to invest.”

  • Cashing out

Investors are encouraged to keep reinvesting and reap the benefits of compound interest; however, retirement investing requires a clear cash out and rebalance plan. Eric recommends developing a withdrawal strategy for long-term investing and monthly cash out for the monthly passive income strategy. “Remember to reward yourself when your portfolio is going up. It is all about achieving a balance.”

Dive into Eric Seto’s comprehensive free training, which explores both his strategies and is perfectly suited for all people, even those with no financial background.

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