Alyssa Farah Griffin Clashes With ‘The View’ Panel on First Day as Host by Insisting Trump Supporters are “Good People”

Alyssa Farah Griffin is making a bold introduction to The View on her first day as a permanent host. The conservative voice at the panel didn’t waste any time offering her buzzy takes on Hot Topics, clashing with the rest of the panel on one of their favorite topics: Donald Trump, or as Whoopi Goldberg likes to call him, You Know Who.

Griffin stood by her political party during a conversation about Trump’s recent comments blasting President Joe Biden. After Biden called MAGA republicans “a threat to democracy,” Trump lashed out, slamming Biden as “an enemy of the state” and claiming that he gave “the most vicious, hateful and divisive speech ever delivered by an American president” in Philadelphia last week.

While Griffin said she “agreed with the substance” of Biden’s speech and his comments about the looming threat to democracy, she let her conservative colors show when she defended Trump supporters against Biden’s criticisms.

“I take a little bit of issue with him broadly applying the term ‘semi-fascist’ to republicans … I think Donald Trump is, I think the vast majority of his supporters are not. I think they are good people who want an economy that works for them, who saw more money in their paycheck under Donald Trump, and my fear is this: I think Biden wants to be a uniter, but I don’t think that that speech was uniting,” Griffin said.

Sunny Hostin stepped in to counter Griffin’s point, reminding her that “60 to 70% of republicans believe that Donald Trump is the leader of their party.” She then asked, “And so if you are saying that he is a fascist, what are they? If you are saying he is a white supremacist, what are they? If you are saying that he is a racist, what are they?”

Hostin continued, “Because if you follow someone that has hate in their heart — and I believe that he does — then you are complicit in that and you don’t get a pass on it.”

Despite Hostin’s passionate rebuttal, Griffin insisted, “I’m the first to call out elected republicans who stoke the fascist hate,” but continued to defend her point, telling Hostin, “the average Americans, I think they’re voting with their wallets … they had more money under Donald Trump. They’re not paying attention to every crazy thing he says on TV because they’re working around the clock.”

…And that all went down in the first half of the Season 26 premiere. All we can say is, buckle up — it’s shaping up to be a fiery season already!

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