Readers sound off on Afghan money, Trump’s woes and carriage horses

East Brunswick, N.J.: We are a 9/11 widows’ and children’s victims’ advocacy group that has worked for nearly 21 years for truth, transparency, justice and accountability. We were dismayed to read your Aug. 31 editorial, “It’s the people’s money,” which seems to forget history and robs innocent victims of their constitutional rights to hold murderers accountable.

The fact is that we invaded and went to war with Afghanistan immediately after 9/11 — for good reason. And while the Afghan people are, indeed, starving and horrifically mistreated by the Taliban and other rogue corrupt leaders in Afghanistan, it was the Taliban and those same rogue corrupt leaders that knowingly allowed Osama Bin Laden to train, plan and find safe harbor inside their country while he prepared for the murder of our loved ones. They should be held responsible for that.


While it breaks our hearts to witness corrupt leaders decide to pocket billions rather than feed their hungry people, beat girls rather than respect them and provide them with an education, and supply this world with illegal narcotics, it also breaks our hearts to bear witness to American president after president recognizing, tolerating and in some cases flatly turning a blind eye to such Afghan corruption as part of their “U.S. foreign policy objectives.”

As victims, we have a right to hold all nations accountable for murder. We only wish the Daily News didn’t forget that, and that President Biden would be the very first president to respect (and act) on that. Kristen Breitweiser, Mindy Kleinberg and Lorie Van Auken, Sept. 11 Advocates


Bronx: Thank God for the alleged “rat” in Mar-a-Lago who blew the whistle on the highly classified documents that were being held there. It is truly mind boggling that this was done by a former president. Never in the history of the U.S.A. has such a crime been perpetrated against America. Bravo Mr./Ms. “Rat.” Thank you! Pauline Graham Binder

Bayonne: To Voicer Bob Pascarella: Maybe the Donald Trump who lives on Planet Pascarella “rose above the fray and did a damn good job.” The Trump we’re stuck with here on Earth installed a corrupt cabinet and suspect judiciary, continually proposed anti-constitutional actions, pooh-poohed the looming pandemic, demonized those who disagreed with him and encouraged domestic terrorism — and now we find out he has flouted numerous guidelines regarding top-secret documents and appropriated the nation’s property. Oh…and he lied his butt off the whole time! Pascarella questions the timing of the Justice Department’s taking action. I agree. It was long overdue! Marty Wolfson

Bronx: Trump and his battery of attorneys came up with a scheme that a special master be appointed to rule over the calamity that he and he alone created. Now the judge, Aileen Cannon, who Trump appointed, has honored the request. The most ethical thing that she should have done was to recuse herself from this case. For ruling in favor of Trump, she will forever be branded as an unethical judge and a human being. This tactic is nothing but a red herring to stall for time and evade the law. Her ruling sends a message that Donald Trump is above the law. Trump’s stew is rather unusual. There is no precedent in the history of the nation to refer back to. No president in the history of the nation has ever committed the crimes Trump is alleged to have committed. If Trump committed the crimes, he should be made to do hard time in the most outlandish federal prison. The world should not have to make a mockery of us because of one notorious scoundrel. The clown thinks he is above the law. Lock Trump up, lock Donald Ducky Boy up now! Let’s all sing out in unison, “Lock Trump up now and toss the key!” J. Crestwell Munnings

Yonkers: Voicer Gilbert Lane ignorantly said all gun carry permits holders should have insurance. Do some homework. Former Gov. Cuomo banned permit holders from having insurance. John Mazarakes

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Bronx: Thank you very much, Voice of the People for helping to get some cleaning of the Shore Road in the northeast Bronx. You printed my letter last week and then we saw that some of the woody bushes along the highway had been pruned. But the light poles and electric cables are still covered with the heavy, overhanging vines that must be trimmed by the Parks Department soon. We welcome your help and thank you for your cooperation in this matter. Rose Mary Lancaster

Manhattan: My parents and grandparents left the Soviet Union amidst the economic stagnation and political repression of the Brezhnev era. There was an old anecdote in Soviet times: Everyone has a job, but no one works. Gorbachev was smart enough to understand that the Soviet Union was badly lagging the West and the arms race was bankrupting his country. “We can’t live like this any longer,” he posited. He believed in the tenets of Soviet socialism — equality, friendship, comradeship — but understood that these tenets lived mostly in speeches and not in reality. The reality was much grimmer, so much so that a wall was built in East Berlin to prevent citizens from leaving. Gorbachev had an aversion to violence and a belief in democratization. He was a decent man who didn’t wallow in corruption. Unlike his predecessors, he had no riches to hide. Perhaps Gorbachev died of a broken heart: In that he lived just long enough to see his life’s work reversed and supplanted by the type of iron-fisted totalitarianism that he sought to vanquish. He understood that in striving, he made mistakes; on his gravestone, he wanted the following epitaph: “We tried.” Daniel Dolgicer

Brooklyn: New Yorkers need to get a grip. As alarming as the recent increase in crime may be, the city in 2021 and so far in 2022 has reported fewer murders, shootings and robberies than in any year Rudy Giuliani or Mike Bloomberg was mayor. When they were in City Hall, New York was touted as “the safest big city in America” and tens of millions of tourists flocked here each year. The recent rise in crime is measured against near historic low points attained just prior to COVID, when Bill de Blasio was mayor. If the city is a crime-infested cesspool now, as I keep hearing, what was it back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, an era now looked upon as a Golden Age despite the higher crime rate? Dennis Middlebrooks

Bradley Beach N.J.: I would like to pay tribute to my recently departed friend, Thomas Bellini. Tom served our country honorably in Vietnam with the U.S.M.C. and served 20 years on the NYPD. A lifelong Bronx resident and Yankee fan, rest in peace my friend. Patrick Freeman


Toms River, N.J.: Please, please I hope “Red & Rover” comes back soon. It is the antidote for the pages of nausea creating news. Barbara Smith

Jackson Heights: Drug dealers and pharmaceutical companies profit financially from having their clients habituated to their products, legal or illegal. Repeat business drives the market. An addicted customer is good. A deceased one is bad. Fentanyl from China is killing off their customers, our youth. What’s worse, China’s disregard of establishing an addicted customer base, or that our country isn’t doing enough to stop the fentanyl crisis? Glenn B. Jacobi

Manhattan: Re “Carriage horse owners, looking to curb outrage, support more oversight” (Sept. 2): This request for stables in Central Park seems to be desperation on their part; so many times that has been brought up and not happened, including by former Mayor de Blasio in 2015. And at that time public opinion was more on their side. Time to stop talking about what has failed before and look to the future. No more horses suffering on our streets. Teresa D’Amico